Balthasar Burkhard
When Attitudes Become Form: Works – Concepts – Processes – Situations – Information, Kunsthalle Bern, 22. Marz – 27. April 1969. Foto: Balthasar Burkhard / © J. Paul Getty Trust. The Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles

Penelope Smith
Krüger in Germany 2004 one week workshop with dog "the dog in every day situations" as well as continious dog training with Esther & Felix Rickenbach 2005 Seminar about "barking behaviour

Bob Deborah
fact. Maintain very best situations with favorite request instant the particular program is basically successful. Your well-known Bob Deborah. Rockefeller counseled: “Never give up on any kind of promoting

Gerry Griffith
Kirby What happens when you get the call to respond to such crisis situations? Gerry Griffith When bad things happen in a school, we get a call, and we have

Philippe Lachat
afin de faire profiter à chacun des bienfaits de la relation homme/animal. Selon les situations, je travaille en collaboration avec mon mari, Philippe Lachat qui est au bénéfice

Alfred Geiger
programme IMAS (Master international en études du développement). Alfred Geiger, Suisse Responsable des situations spéciales du Groupe Raiffeisen Suisse. Depuis 1988, il a participé à plus de 30 missions dans

Otis Kline
Breathe Training Chaussures Rouge Noir,rôle dans la transduction du signal,long certaines situations peuvent

German Understanding
between Swiss German and German. Get insights and tips to help you master practical situations in everyday life while sharing your personal experiences with us. Become familiar

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